We are charging in to the new year with Art Clubbers’ newest venture to get the local community’s hands covered in art. Opening in January 2019 this two-month project called ‘Basildonia’ will play host to an exciting mix of young creative artists, designers and makers to deliver a colorful programme of workshops, events and exhibitions. By partnering up with these creative individuals, Basildon’s town center can expect something truly innovative and exhilarating.


This one stop spot for arts and crafts really makes you feel at home. This knit natty comfortable space with an indoor conservatory and mini homes made with actual brick and windows is the perfect backdrop to get your fingers covered in ink at Print Party Fridays or your thumbs green at Come Plant with Me in our indoor communal garden and even see some familiar local faces hit the stage at our Rise Up evenings. By having our door wide open we welcome all to come and share their stories of growing up and living in Basildon, let us get nostalgic over a cup of tea.


18 - 20 East Walk
Basildon, SS14 1HG

My time at Art Clubbers was a breath of fresh air. Ajay and his team brought a very well needed physical hub to Basildon for the arts. Creators from all kinds of talents and backgrounds have either run or visited a workshop at Art Clubbers. Through this community, I’ve also met creators & artists that I didn’t even know lived in Basildon. It’s a big shame that this space is temporary - it’s an establishment like Art Clubbers that could spark up an amazing creative scene in Basildon. This amazing experience has shown us what potential this town has to offer. Thank you so much to everyone at Art Clubbers... Basildon owes you one. 
— Luke Bligh
Art clubbers have been a cultural asset for Basildon as they have developed, facilitated and executed a range of workshops in the town. Art Clubbers created a space and programme that felt accessible while being creatively engaging for its audience. The collaborations and output developed with local and further afield artists, highlights the capability and need for artists to present their work to an audience locally in Basildon. We hope more spaces and organisations like Art Clubbers come to exist within Basildon over the coming years.
— Shaun Badham, Bas-Arts-Index
Arts Clubbers Basildonia has been incredibly prolific in its short stint on East Walk. The atmosphere of the arts space was of energy and encouragement. It’s incredibly important that spaces like Basildonia exist so that members of the public have a space to go to relax, try something new, discover local artists work and feel like part of the arts scene. I held my workshop on 21st February, just a couple of days before closure and really wished I’d discovered it sooner. The team have put so much work into the space and the programme, its accessibility and diversity, it’s a real shame for it to just exist as a temporary project in Basildon. This kind of grass roots artist’s activity and programme of interesting and importantly, free, workshops, if funded to allow further work, will be an incredibly significant part of developing art and culture in Basildon.
— Lu Williams, Grrrl Zine Fair