As the sweet, refreshing spring air is arriving, Art Clubbers had brought together a fresh batch of 24 budding creatives and their collected vibrant array of works.

This debut multimedia art exhibition by Art Clubbers brought together artists, in and around London, of various levels of experience and works of various genres - each showcasing creations of what represents them as artists today.

With a charming stage provided by Stour Space located at Hackney Wick, the cultural heart of London, we opened our arms to welcome and celebrate artistic collaborations.

Stour space

7 Roach Road
Hackney Wick, E3 2PA


Exhibiting Artists:

Charlotte Abraham
Sahar Bano Malik
Alexandra Cload
Mahalia Connor
Harry Gibbs
Christine Glover
Lauren Holder

Gavin Jones
Chae Lee
Victoria McGillicuddy
Marylyn Molisso
Jo Morton
Maxine Newell
Khadija Niang
Laura Nicholson
Archie Nock

Tarn O’reilly
Anna Okroyan
Ajay Pabial
Jo Pester
Bethany Redwood Pain
Rachel Sayer
Daisy Trodd
Mia Willis

Exhibition Assistants:

Sahar Bano Malik
Khadija Niang
Jo Pester
Youssra Manlaykhaf


Michael Gathiaka

‘Exhibiting in Bloomin’ with Art Clubbers was a fantastic experience. The group exhibited a diverse collection of artwork by artists from different backgrounds in a relaxed atmosphere. The artist led group also provided exhibition terms that had taken the needs of artists early in their careers in to consideration. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future!
— Rachel Sayer
I’ve had a wonderful experience working with the Art Clubbers organisation. The team were a pleasure to work with and the event was so well organised. The team helped us every step of the way from the signing up period to the show itself which was held in a fabulous venue (Stour Space, Hackney, London). They made us all feel so welcome and I met lots of artists from all over who were all so supportive. All in all, It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Art Clubbers again in the future.
— alex load, artist
For the Art Clubber’s Bloomin’ exhibition, I had the opportunity to work as an exhibition assistant alongside curator Annie Dam as well as being an exhibiting artist. This experience was more rewarding and insightful than I could have ever imagined. As a University student, at times creating and working with art in the professional world seems out of reach, but through this experience I learned valuable skills about the preparation and set-up of an exhibition. I also met some inspiring and talented artists, which overall has made the idea of graduating and pursuing work in the art world seem more attainable. I’d like to thank Art Clubbers for creating such a vibrant and welcoming environment for my first exhibition experience outside of academia!
— Khadija Niang, Exhibition Assistant