At Art Clubbers CIC, it is our mission to working with up-coming creative talents to bring artists and cultural innovation to the forefront. Working with London's budding Creative community, we delivered an alternative art and design foundation programme to young people.

Foundation programmes have always been tailored to support creative individuals as part of the professional development, however we feel that access to creativity should be open to all. #artclubbersbootcamp delivered workshops and sessions over a variety of disciplines. The programme allowed those who are currently working / practising in these fields to share some of their wisdom to young people from ages 11 to 15 years old to continue to promote the importance of creativity and the arts.

We recruited young artists, designers, makers and performers (between 19 and 25 years old) who had completed or currently where in higher education or had simply wanted to access the creative industry by gaining experience within community arts and creative facilitation.


30 Hay Currie St, Poplar,
London E14 6GN

β€œThe bootcamp taught me to not only to be a part of the industry I am in, but also a leader in that industry.”
— Isaac Ahmer, Creative Leader
I really enjoyed the Bootcamp, meeting other young creatives as well as Ajay and Poppy and hearing about their experiences, especially with the workshop leading/teaching side of things. It was a fun, relaxed atmosphere!
— Dominique duong, creative leader
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— Pablo