What happens when you bring creativity and economy together?


Simply put, bringing two people together is the birth of creativity and innovation. By bringing two people with completely different mind-sets together you can be guaranteed something new and different.

Improv involves imagination and creativity and as seen in theatre it is considered as the ‘purest form of dialogue’, the performers create and deliver at that very moment, it is a collaborative endeavour. In a way conversation can be considered as improvisation at its best, the more you choose to take part in a dialogue and invest into it becomes an expansive cloud of wonderful ideas and opportunities.

The space becomes a playground, filled with attractions that provides lessons to young entrepreneurs. The playground has forever been the play-scapes which offer a wide range of open-ended play options that allow people to be creative and use their imagination. The playground hosts a series of workshops and events that focuses on creative learning, providing its people with alternative ‘qualifications’.

lambeth town hall

1 Brixton Hill, Brixton,
London SW2 1RW



Michaela Efford Photography

Social-Ally with Jade

Sour House

Blank Fiction

Future First Films

Quentin Darras


Faye Chan

Elizabeth Mitchell


Ajay Pabial

Oktay Saliev

‘Exhibiting in Bloomin’ with Art Clubbers was a fantastic experience. The group exhibited a diverse collection of artwork by artists from different backgrounds in a relaxed atmosphere. The artist led group also provided exhibition terms that had taken the needs of artists early in their careers in to consideration. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future!
— Rachel Sayer
I’ve had a wonderful experience working with the Art Clubbers organisation. The team were a pleasure to work with and the event was so well organised. The team helped us every step of the way from the signing up period to the show itself which was held in a fabulous venue (Stour Space, Hackney, London). They made us all feel so welcome and I met lots of artists from all over who were all so supportive. All in all, It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Art Clubbers again in the future.
— alex load, artist
For the Art Clubber’s Bloomin’ exhibition, I had the opportunity to work as an exhibition assistant alongside curator Annie Dam as well as being an exhibiting artist. This experience was more rewarding and insightful than I could have ever imagined. As a University student, at times creating and working with art in the professional world seems out of reach, but through this experience I learned valuable skills about the preparation and set-up of an exhibition. I also met some inspiring and talented artists, which overall has made the idea of graduating and pursuing work in the art world seem more attainable. I’d like to thank Art Clubbers for creating such a vibrant and welcoming environment for my first exhibition experience outside of academia!
— Khadija Niang, Exhibition Assistant